Forward Thinking: Our Precious Human Life: Half-Day Retreat

Saturday December 17 | 10:30 – 1pm with Break with Refreshments

Forward Thinking: Our Precious Human Life. Half-Day Retreat

“By depending upon this boat-like human form
We can cross the great ocean of suffering.
Since such a vessel will be hard to find again
This is no time to sleep, you fool!”

Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life ~ Shantideva

Our human life is precious, rare and immensely meaningful. But do we actually recognize this and seize the precious opportunity we have? Often we just plug along trying to get through the day with as little inconvenience and difficulty as possible and at the end of the day feel a sense a relief that the day is finally over. 

How can we come to appreciate the preciousness of our human life so that we can derive the most meaning from it and begin to live it fully. In this half day retreat we will explore meditations that will help us reframe our life not just for the New Year but for all our years to come.