Anger Solves Nothing: finding alternatives to anger and blame

Wednesdays April 13 – June 1 | 7-8:15pm with resident teacher Sharon Lovich

Even though we have a good heart certain people and certain situations seem to trigger feelings of anger and blame. When anger takes over its easy to do and say things that are difficult to take back. Using Buddha’s skillful teachings and meditations on recognizing and overcoming anger, however, we can learn to stop the “Blame Game” and replace our anger with peace and eventually even love. Everyone Welcome.

Sharon Lovich
April 13Don’t be Deceived
April 20On My Nerves
April 27Don’t ‘Bottle it’ Up
May 4I Don’t Like This
May 11A Strong and Courageous Mind
May 18The Asset of Difficulties
May 25Well It Depends….
June 1May You Be Free From Suffering