Caring for Yourself, While Caring for Others

Half-Day In-Person and Livestream Course, Saturday February 26 | 10:30am – 1pm with buddhist teacher Jill Cagney

“Developing compassion and wisdom and helping those in need whenever possible is the true meaning of human life.”
How To Transform Your Life ~Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Caring for others is a natural part of our life. Even when we start out with the good intention to benefit others, the difficulties and challenges we often encounter while helping others can sometimes lead to feelings of frustration, discouragement, anger, disappointment, or burnt out. In this half-day course we will look at how we can avoid these pitfalls and instead remain compassionate towards both ourself, and others, so that we can keep connected to our good heart. Course Includes guided meditations, talks and time for questions.

10:30am – 11:40amSession 1
11:40am – 12pmBreak
12pm – 1pmSession 2