Every April Kadampa Buddhists around the world celebrate Buddha’s Enlightenment Day by engaging in Nyungnay, a special purification practice. This two-day retreat, which is done in conjunction with Thousand-Armed Avalokiteshvara practice, is a powerful method for purifying negative karma of body, speech, and mind, and for pacifying strong delusions.

In this half-day course based in Buddhist Psychology we will learn time tested methods that will help us to deeply relax and take hold of the ‘mind of anxiety’, so that it is no longer in control of our life. Course will include guided meditation, talks, and Q&A. Everyone Welcome.

From the slightest frustration to resentment and embittered rage, anger is an emotion we all need to understand and conquer if we are to enjoy and make the most out of our life. In this course we will explore practical solutions to the problem of anger, deconstructing its actual causes and learning viable alternatives to this painful habit of mind.

In this half-day course, suitable for any age, we will explore practical tips and timeless meditations based in Buddhist Philosophy that will help to cultivate a mind of equanimity, an inner balanced state indispensable for everyone navigating the inevitability of change and aging. Includes guided meditation, talks, Q&A and a tea break with refreshments.

What is the best method for establishing boundaries? How can we skillfully navigate those we find toxic? Is there a way to not be triggered?

We have all heard the saying “appearances can be deceiving!” The truth of the matter is that they are deceiving. Furthermore, it is our grasping onto what appears to us as being solid and real that brings about so much of the difficulties and suffering that we experience. What does that mean in practical terms? It means that the key to our happiness is in our hands, but we simply haven’t realized it. Wisdom.

We have all heard the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. 

Contemplating and meditating on the symbolism and deep meaning contained in the Wheel of Life Diagram, an ancient piece of art, is like contemplating a road map pointing us towards liberation and teaching us how to develop the stages of the path to enlightenment

What actually is Love? Join us for a night of food and fun. 6-7pm drop in for some tasty vegetarian bites and then at 7pm you can ask a Buddhist on our Love Panel their perspective on love and relationships.

Suggested Donation $10-15

One of the best ways to get out of our own head is to think of others. Naturally we think of others - we think of our families, our friends, the people we work with or even those we just hear about.

We all wish for good relationships in our lives, but relationships between parents and children, couples, or even just between friends often suffer from misunderstanding, unrealistic expectations and conflict. We love each other, and yet we are not always happy together. This is because we do not understand the real nature of love and how to practically improve our love in our close relationships.

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