Good Enough: Overcoming Perfectionism

Saturday September 10 | 10:30am – 1pm with Resident Teacher Sharon Lovich

It’s nice to want to do our best, but that desire can sometimes become misguided, unhealthy and even sabotage us. In our production oriented society it’s hard to just relax and learn to happily accept where we are at. Instead it’s easy to fall into the habit of pulling the rug out from under ourself always thinking, ‘I need to do more, be more, do better, work harder’. We  end up comparing ourself to others or worry what others think of us.

The mind of perfectionism is a critical mind that is grasping tightly at a version of ourself that never feels ‘good enough’. Ridding ourself of this unfriendly mind will a give us the freedom to feel good about our efforts whether they succeed or fail and help us to relate to ourself and others a lot more kindly and lightly. Everyone Welcome! Come as you are, no prior preparation or experience needed!