Letting go of Anger

Sundays February 14 – April 4
10:30am – 11:45am

Anger appears in many forms and disguises. Sometimes it manifests as a feeling of stress, other times it may take the form of depression. From the slightest frustration to resentment and embittered rage, anger is an emotion we all need to understand and conquer if we are to be happy, make the most of our life, and live harmoniously with others in this world.

Though we may think anger is justified or a powerful catalyst for change, in reality anger is a weak, reactive and destructive mind. 

In this series we will explore practical solutions to the problem and habit of anger, deconstructing its actual causes and learning constructive and powerful alternatives to this painful mind.

February 14The Rope of Attachment
February 21The Four Noble Truths
February 28The Bad Habit of Blaming Others
March 7Examining Why we Become Unhappy and then Angry
March 14Patience – the Art of Changing Directions
March 21Looking with Wisdom
March 28How to Stop Wishing to Retaliate
April 4Pacifying our Objections