Living with Purpose

Tuesdays 7pm – 8:15pm.
September 28 – October 19
Available through Livestream Zoom Group, or On-demand. On-demand available for one week after scheduled class.

Living with unpredictability and upended routines can lead to chronic stress from having to think differently all the time. But, from another point of view, having to rethink everything; work, relationships and goals can lead to something very positive.

Reflection is good! Taking stock in our life, thinking about what matters, and doing this from a calm place can lead to insight and clarity about meaning and purpose in our life. 

In this 4 week online series, learn to unwind using simple meditations which will enable you to develop some peace, space and clarity in the mind. Then you can relax, let go and remain flexible in the mist of all the changes in daily life.