Mind Training for Troubled Times: Drop-In Series.

Sundays August 21 – Nov 20 | 10:30am – 11:45am with Resident Teacher Sharon Lovich

Mind Training for Troubled Times: According to the legendary Eight Verses of Training the Mind with Resident Teacher Sharon Lovich

It’s no secret that we are living in troubled times. Is it possible to be happy during such times? Yes, it is. In fact, if we want to be of benefit to ourselves and others, it is essential that we train in authentic happiness. For this express purpose, Buddha presented a special set of practices known as ‘training the mind”. These meditations are especially powerful in these spiritually challenging times.  The heart of the practice is learning to transform adverse conditions into our spiritual training, responding to difficulties with a special wisdom and skill so that we let go of our self-centered, small-minded fearful mind. Instead, we open our heart with love and compassion and in this way learn to live confidently and fearlessly.

Based on the thousand year old famous Buddhist poem, Eight Verses of Training the Mind, this course, through talks and guided meditations, will take us on step-by-step journey to ever-expanding horizons and experiences of authentic, peaceful and stable happiness.

With Resident Teacher Sharon Lovich

August 21Mind Training for Troubled Times
August 28 Setting Your Sights on Happiness
Sept 4Why Loving Kindness is Essential
Sept 11Developing Authentic Self-Esteem
Sept 18Deepening our Love
Sept 25 Eradicating the Ignorance of Self-Importance
Oct 2Respect Yourself…and Others
Oct 9The Deepest Love
Oct 16Exchanging Self with Others
Oct 23The World Needs Fearless Compassion
Oct 30Wishing Love
Nov 6 Transforming Troubled Times
Nov 13Accepting Defeat and Offering the Victory part 1
Nov 20Accepting Defeat and Offering the Victory part 2