Overcoming Anger and Frustration: Livestream Series

Sundays June 28 – August 23
10:30am – 11:45am. Livestream Drop-In Classes.

No Class July 26 & August 2 for NKT-IKBU International Summer Festival

The mind of anger takes many forms and has many faces!  Far from protecting us from problems and conflicts, anger always makes our problems worse. According to Buddha anger is a deluded unpeaceful mind that distorts our perception causing us to exaggerate problems so that they feel unmanageable. Consequently so much of our life feels overwhelming which makes us even more angry and unhappy both with ourselves and others.

In this series we will learn practical teachings and meditations that will help us begin to overcome this painful mind of anger and instead empower us to improve our good qualities of love, compassion and wisdom.

$10 per/ weekly class. After you register a link will be sent out two hours prior to class. Contact admin@meditationinasheville.org if you do not get your link

June 28 Week 1 – The Real Nature of our Problems
July 5Week 2 – What’s Wrong with Anger?
July 12Week 3 – Uncovering Why we become Angry
July 19Week 4 – Patience: the Foundation of Finding Freedom
August 9Week 5 – Using Wisdom to let go of Anger
August 16Week 6 – Compassion: Real Protection from Anger Part I
August 23Week 7 – Compassion: Real Protection from Anger Part II