Seeing Kindness

Sunday May 9 | 10:30am – 11:45am
With Buddhist teacher Jill Cagney

Cultivating the special view of seeing Kindness everywhere leads to inner peace, love and a feeling of gratitude towards others. Buddha says we should contemplate the great kindness of all living beings and we can begin by remembering the kindness of our mother of this life; and then, by extension, we can remember the kindness of all other living beings who have been our mothers in previous lives. By contemplating the innumerable ways in which others help us we will develop a deep feeling of cherishing – a sense that all living beings are important and that their happiness and freedom are also important. Join us for this beautiful meditation to celebrate all our kind mothers.

Jill has been practicing Buddhism since 2006 when she began attending classes at Kadampa Meditation Center NYC. She moved to Knoxville TN in 2018 and began studying on the Foundation Program at the Je Tsongkhapa Kadampa Buddhist Center during the Pandemic. She is excited to be a part of the Asheville Sangha! Jill is a social worker, mother of two and an occasional singer-songwriter. She is a light hearted practitioner who conveys her love of dharma with warmth and curiosity.