Je Tsongkhapa Kadampa Buddhist Center classes are available through Livestream for Western NC, South Carolina Upstate and Tennessee
January 26, 2021

Sustaining Enthusiasm Half-Day Course

Saturday March 6, 10:30am – 1pm

Buddha did not show a rough uncompromising way to enlightenment. He shows a comfortable and happy path leading to a joyful result.  Though we need to apply energy, or, ‘effort’ to actualize this result, most of us relate to the idea of ‘effort’ in a counter productive way and so end up blocking our own progress. 

In this half-day course we will explore what effort is, what it helps us to overcome, and how to use four special methods for increasing our effort known as the ‘four powers’. By using these methods we can maintain a light, joyful and enthusiastic mind which will lead us naturally to make authentic progress in our spiritual life. Everyone Welcome. $25/ Discounts for Monthly Members