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Resident Teacher

Kadam Sharon Lovich

Kadam Sharon has been practicing meditation and Kadampa Buddhism since 2003 and is the Resident teacher of the Je Tsongkhapa Kadampa Buddhist Center in Asheville. Before Sharon moved to Asheville in 2011, she volunteered as the Education Program Coordinator for several years at the internationally renowned world peace temple for meditation and modern Buddhism, Kadampa Meditation Center New York. There she received teachings and guidance directly from our General Spiritual Director, Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, guided retreats, and taught classes. She has engaged in numerous focused meditation retreats and is known for teaching others how to develop a peaceful mind with great skill, lightness, and humor. Today, Sharon is a part of the Special Teacher Training Program and teaches numerous meditation classes and retreats in Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC. Sharon and her husband have one son.

Adam Johnson

Adam is a sincere Kadampa practitioner who has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism since 2004.  Before moving to Asheville early in 2017, he studied for many years at Kadampa Meditation Center Canada in Toronto and was an active part of the community there.  He was a student of Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab in the Teacher Training Program there. He is known for giving clear teachings and using practical examples to help students develop positive minds.  Adam is an electrical engineer and is excited to be part of the Asheville community.

Adrienne Ammerman

Adrienne has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism at the Je Tsongkhapa Kadampa Buddhist center in Asheville since 2017. She is enrolled in the foundation program, where she enjoys studying and discussing Buddhist teachings about love, compassion, and patience. She puts these teachings into practice at home with her husband Adam and their two young children, as well as in her work supporting community health in western NC. Adrienne strives to bring stories of these personal experiences of Buddhist practice to her teachings.

Jill Cagney

Jill has been practicing Buddhism since 2006 when she began attending classes at KMCNYC in Manhattan. She moved to Knoxville TN in 2018 and found the Je Tsongkhapa Kadampa Buddhist Center during the pandemic.  She enrolled in the foundation program and is very excited to be a part of the Je Tsongkhapa Sangha! Jill is a social worker, mother of two and an occasional singer-songwriter. She is also our Knoxville Branch Teacher.

Susie Gronski

Susie has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism in Asheville for several years, after moving here from Chicago. She’s a lighthearted and sincere practitioner and shares her practical understanding of Buddhism with great enthusiasm. Susie is a doctor of physical therapy and enjoys outdoor adventures with her husband and Pyredoddle Stella.

Hannah Kim

Hannah has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for over 20 years and is dedicated to helping others develop a peaceful heart through meditation and practical advice.

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